Schools and community groups learn about the Chinese Labour Corps.


Commemoration Ceremonies

In Liverpool, Plymouth and Folkestone lie the remains of nineteen Chinese labourers who had succumbed to illness or disease en route to France. It is highly unlikely that their descendants know of the existence of their graves or even that they died in England. Local council leaders, residents and members of the armed forces joined us in paying tribute to these men.

Anfield Cemetery in Liverpool

Shorncliffe Cemetery in Folkestone


Efford Cemetery in Plymouth

On Armistice Day. 2017, the Western Front Association invited us to join them at the Cenotaph. A contingent of 30 from various groups and societies presented a wreath.

With Tom Watson, MP and Deputy Leader of Labour (right of CLC wreath),
in King Charles Street

With Colin Wagstaff, Chairman (centre) and Malcolm Doolin (4th from right, back row)
of the Western Front Association

Drama Sequences

Actors re-enact the emotions and experiences of the labourers and their families. These dramatic sequences, based on true accounts, were used in workshops at schools and community groups to engage young participants in the story of the CLC.

Complete (A Tale of the CLC)

Political Situation


On board Ship

In Canada

Canada to France

In France

After the War

Making Sense Of It All