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Profiles of Directors

James Candler 覃吉米>
Director - Administration

Despite the English name, James was born in China of Chinese parents. He came to England when he was six and was brought up in Kent. He worked with a public utilities company for many years. Since taking early retirement he has pursued his many interests (including learning Mandarin) and has also worked in a voluntary capacity with a Chinese charity as a volunteer co-ordinator. Being a trustee for TMS is a perfect expression of his bi-cultural heritage which he has always cherished.


Annabel Goulding
Director – Finance

Annabel is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Internal Auditors having completed the professional qualification in 1994.  She has a wide range of experience from working in executive roles for the national and international public sector.  Her career spans operational management, internal auditing and human resources.   She wishes to bring the skills and capabilities developed in these areas for the benefit of the Society.

Francis Moll
Director - Secretary

Francis's longstanding love affair with China arose because it was incomprehensible to him how little was, and still is, understood about the country and her people. He hopes, through The Meridian Society, to encourage a better public understanding of China. When not travelling through the many and varied provinces, learning to speak Putonghua and reading Chinese literature, he is researching the life of Samuel Curtis, the Victorian horticulturist and arborist.



Wenlan Peng 彭文兰
CLC project director

Bridging cultures has been the driving force behind Wenlan’s professional career and personal interests. The opportunity to live, study and work in Europe and Asia has been an immensely enriching experience for her. She was the first non-Chinese national to host an English-language series on China Central Television, when the PRC was opening up to the rest of the world. Since her return to the UK, she has been specialising in documentary films about China. Believing in the positive effect of international dialogue, Wenlan hopes to further develop The Meridian Society, of which she is a founder member, into a platform where people of different cultures can meet and share thoughts, thus bringing together the very best of East and West.

  And last but not least ...


Jocelyn Konrad-Lee 李詩玲

Jocelyn did her master's degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies in Chinese Studies. She has had an interest in China all of her life as her father is Chinese from Malaysia. She currently works as a Data operator for Prime Focus World. Her personal interests include reading and playing board games.

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