The Meridian Society promotes Chinese culture with the aim of fostering better understanding between people of Chinese origin and those from other ethnic backgrounds, both in the UK and worldwide.


Mission Statement

In bringing together people of diverse cultural backgrounds, we hope to encourage deeper appreciation of the values and traditions of each and to demonstrate Confucius’ tenet that we can all strive for common goals while retaining our individual characteristics. In a world that is increasingly troubled by differences in beliefs and customs, we aim to seek similarities of ideals and aspirations, so that the meridian we create will not be a dividing line between East and West, but an interface between civilisations of the world.


Events & Activities

We run a lively and diverse programme of events and activities to appeal to audiences of all ages, tastes and backgrounds, including people of Chinese origin who wish to learn more about their own cultural heritage, as well as members of the general public wishing to gain a deeper insight into China’s ancient civilisation and contemporary society. Regular activities include:

  • talks on various aspects of Chinese culture
  • educational courses and arts workshops
  • film screenings, exhibitions and cultural performances
  • heritage projects
  • dinner-debates
  • social get-togethers at Chinese New Year and other Chinese festivals
  • public displays and outdoor spectacles