A Heritage Project
Commemorating the CLC’s Contribution
to the Allied Effort in WW1

On 19th April 1917, a thousand Chinese men landed on French shores to make their way to the Western Front. They were the first contingent of the 96,000-strong Chinese Labour Corps (CLC), recruited by the British army to provide essential support behind the lines. They dug trenches, built roads and railways, repaired tanks and, after the war, cleared ordnance, buried the dead and restored the land to agricultural use. It is conceivable that their contribution may have brought forward the end of the war. Yet the story of the CLC is little known, even today.

Since April 2016, to coincide with Britain's commemoration of the centenary of World War I, The Meridian Society has been conducting a multi-faceted project to raise awareness of the CLC story and their contribution with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The following webpages will show the various events and activities held over the past few years and the outcomes of our project. It is hoped that these will not only help inform readers about the Chinese Labour Corps, but will also serve as a virtual memorial to these men and ensure that they are no longer forgotten.